May 20, 2022

Black Book UK Membership

When you open the cover and flip to the first pages of our book, you will find, among other interesting things, girls to get to know better. 

Maria is currently visiting from Ibiza. Her steamy Peruvian and Spanish blood is boiling inside her sexy and curvy body, and her sweet and lusty character will make you say: ¡Ay Caram ba!

If you are the type who goes right to the steamier parts of the book, then we, too, have our private member section - access to the best ladies London, New York, Miami, Dubai, and Paris have to offer. 

Others offer private membership schemes but none with the same one-on-one consideration and access to the most beautiful and famous girls in the world. As your personal leisure-time concierge, we have high standards and love matchmaking you with high-quality people for magical dates.

We do have a Platinum membership for gentlemen who always want the best of what life has to offer. This membership gives you access to the crème de la crème of escorts. Here you can see real fashion and playboy models, among them Scarlett, an English fashion model who has been on the covers of some of the most famous magazines, traveled the world, and now she likes nothing more than to make you feel happy. You can take a sneak peek of who she is here - photos are only for the members.

Among them is cover model Anastasia, who for the top tier Platinum members' viewable pleasure is a famous cover model based in New York with legs as long as her smile is big. She can keep you talking over fine dining, and her yoga experience will make all your body feel pleasure to new levels.

You have to be a Platinum member to see her photos and videos clothed with our other famous models. 

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To have access to the most beautiful and famous models in the world, all our Gold models have that little extra something, and like you, the successful and affluent gentleman, privacy and discretion are key. Here at Black Book UK we are world-renowned yet understand and put discretion first.

Many escorts are working models and only see VIP candidates under complete discretion and privacy. We honor these conditions. Many of these top girls are travel models, and members are available to see full-face photographs of all models.

Our models are friendly and outgoing, with an easy-going, positive outlook on life attitude that makes spending time with them a total pleasure. Whether an accomplished celebrity escort companion or a successful stylish career woman, expect a magical dinner date or vacation.

Nearly all models in private members have a selection of selfies and natural photos for members to enjoy. We also make sure that they have a personality as appealing as their faces and bodies. We look forward to getting to know you much better.

Spring is here, let's enjoy life to the fullest.