May 25, 2022

Spring Is In The Air, And So Is This New Agency

After a long winter, London comes alive with warm colors and life. The coming months are some of the best times of the year to be in London. And what better time to start a "new agency"?

We open our little Black Book UK, we know you will enjoy it. 

We are one of a kind, standing out from a sea of unoriginality, having the most exquisite, famous, and fun ladies you can find in this bubbly city.

As one of the owners and executive managers of this exclusive agency, I've been fortunate to have a long career as a famous fashion model.  I have had my pictures on billboards and in magazines worldwide.  I have been on TV frequently and lived out of a suitcase for many years, taking two plus flights on a typical day.  I've walked on the runways of London and New York and undressed in front of famous photographers, and stayed dressed for the premier modeling events in the Middle East.  Calling me a global citizen is an understatement.  

Knowing and respecting discretion comes first.

If you want to meet me and hear stories, expect an NDA and never any names, but I promise lots of laughs.

This background enables me to scout some of the most naturally drop-dead gorgeous women in the world with the extra something.  You'll find that my agency models are immaculately dressed, perfectly groomed, and with a fun, London party girl vibe for even the choosiest gentlemen.

Variety is the spice of life, so pour on the hot sauce and get acquainted with being a private member of Black Book UK and get day-to-day access to private clubs and the most exclusive companions in New York, London, Miami, and worldwide. 

I meet all the models myself to ensure they have the looks, personality, and class that you want in a companion, ensuring that she is perfect for your restaurant visit in London's Mayfair or a weekend in bathrobes at a Knightsbridge hotel.  You will all have access to the best tables, the best places, and the best companions. A beautiful and sophisticated girl like Pamela will make sure you leave with moments you will never forget.

Spring makes me nostalgic, remembering unforgettable moments I've had in the companionship industry.  Powerful, talented, and ambitious people have always attracted me, so yes, I have quite the hit list. And let's just say I really know what I'm doing.

I run a tight ship and expect only perfection for my discerning male clientele.  It's true to say that my list of what I haven't seen is much shorter than what I have.

Black Book UK is my new agency, but not my first rodeo. Good luck trying to shock me with requests as a private member. 

Is anyone up for a challenge?