July 05, 2022

The Game

Tie and tease.

Start playing the moment you lay your eyes on her photos. This is the one you need to spend time with. Take your time to be fully satisfied.

At Black Book UK, we personally know our models, their styles, and personalities so we can help you find the perfect companion for a long booking. Weekends, weeks, a whole month. With some women, you just want to take your time. You can't keep your eyes off of her.



You asked for the weekend exactly the way you wanted it.

This time will be spent your way.

You will be left wanting more after an evening with the spicy Eva.

Your Black Book UK companion shows up for your date dressed elegantly and showing off impressive cleavage. Very little is left to the imagination, but imagine what you do, for your weekend vacation ahead.

Order the pasta, you will need some stamina for the night ahead.

Time and tease they call it, the game starts in the mind.

The visual connection can be mentally extended with teasing and denial games.

Erotic denial.

In the bedroom tie and tease are situations involving bondage.

To be able to control an orgasm of a partner in such games, physical and mental restraints are commonly used. Tie and tease is an extremely tantalizing experience that involves gently teasing and stimulating your body using the mind, and sometimes even the hands.



Pleasures and exquisite torment.

Keeping the recipient of pleasure in a high level of erotic arousal for an extended period of time while not letting them orgasm. This can go on for a period of minutes, hours, or even days.

More explosive, expanded, and more pleasurable than if the orgasm were experienced without its build-up and release.

There is so much more pleasure in the play.

Some people have described the experience of being kept in a heightened state of arousal for long periods of time as producing euphoric states and altered streams of consciousness like an erotic trance.

Increased levels of sexual tension can start with a longer booking, planned weeks in advance.

The end game can be described as earth-shaking or even overwhelming.

While you're fine dining in London's Mayfair, taking a peek at the kinky Sophia's long legs is lethal. Tie and deny.

Be careful, you just may get addicted.

Wait till breakfast.

Images of the night before will be flashing through your mind.

Plan a long booking, and take your time.

You deserve it.

Kisses ? xxx

And teases,

with tormenting pleasure,