May 17, 2022

Thick Thighs Save Lives

A few discerning clients are well aware that one size does not fit all. At times you need a bit more to hold on to.

There is something irresistible about a voluptuous buxom confident woman with an apple bottom and two juicy peaches. Hearty, healthy, thick curvature, like a Greek Hellenistic marble sculpture, but warm and soft to the touch.

At Black Book UK we honestly represent that type of model for clients with a taste for curves. 

We are not a fan of over-retouching, so you can be confident that exactly what we described will be the luxury companion that shows up for your evening of fine dining or intimate time well spent in a five-star hotel in Park Lane.

Some men want a whole lot of woman who is sensual and fit with curves in all the right places. There is something very sexy about a fit, foxy thick girl that loves to dine. If that is what you're craving, we have a few hot dishes on the menu such as the sexy Cherell.

Big bouncing boobs.

Well-made legs.

Tiny waist with a plump booty that makes her dress rise up.

I'm getting "hungry" just thinking about it ;)

London Mayfair has some of the best restaurants in the world for fine dining - so many cuisines to choose from French, Asian, Middle Eastern, and even Michelin-star Indian.

Imagine rubbing lotion on the buxom apple bottom of a curvy beauty like

Harper after she is relaxed and refreshed from a spa day in New York, a beach day in Miami, drinking champagne as light hits all the right spots in your model's cleavage.

Numerous songs and music videos have been written about them.

Hot sexy thick girls.

That hourglass shape. 

Baby got back.

Maybe it is time for you to write your song to make a new memory.

A thick, fit woman who is small in the middle is guaranteed to drive you to scream and possibly order some extra heavy cream.

May we call this our home-style comfort menu?