August 15, 2023

Why We Do Not Publish Reviews On Black Book UK

Kiss and tell would never be something that a successful high-end escort agency would want to be a part of. At Black Book UK, we take pride in being known as a classy elite company that values discretion at the highest order. 

Our Pledge to Privacy

We understand that our clients are influential, high profile and high net-worth individuals that value their privacy above all. Our number one rule will always be ultimate discretion that goes from the top down. Not any of our models, staff or Jenna would ever disclose any information about our clientele. Data and emails are always encrypted while our phone calls are always secure with top-notch security steps. Keeping the privacy, safety and discretion of our clients are paramount to us. 

That is also why we do not publish public reviews of our girls. Jenna and the office stick to an old-school approach. We especially cherish personalised privacy which is the key to our work. Our models would never publicly share any experiences with clients and we would expect the same from them. Unlike other agencies that allow their clients to publicly judge and review every model on their site, you would never come across anything like that at Black Book UK.

We believe the company of our models is a unique unforgettable experience solely tailored to you and if we were not able to guarantee that we would not be offering our services. Our girls only have eyes on our clients and that is honestly reflected on the profiles if you are browsing through our database. 

Meticulous Screening Process

To maintain our reputation for representing the most elite escorts in London we've adopted a painstaking approval process compiled from personal meetings, video calls and passport checks — accepting two types of hard copy documents when the model is at the age of 21 — essentially even makes any potential review completely unnecessary. Jenna and the office are proactive in solving any questions prior to your meeting and are always available 24/7 to make sure our clients are creating unforgettable memories exactly as they wished for. 

Full Transparency

We are upfront and honest about our profiles and carefully assess our offer to always deliver appropriate rates with our girls. Our office understands that Black Book UK’s clients would not pay thousands of pounds for models that cannot fully satisfy the elite level of companionship. We have girls whose English proficiency is at a basic level and we are honest about that and the rates will always reflect that. For some of our clients that does not diminish their experience. 

But no matter the rate range or price point our girls will always be clean, tidy, and nice, as they do well and live well. 

Protecting Model Reputations

It is not a surprise to us that some agencies that allow reviews at their site are on the lower end of escort services. We find it quite troubling or at least odd that other agencies would in some cases allow one extreme negative review of a girl to be published on their website. Especially since Black Book UK values their models and has a problem-solving attitude where the aim is for our clients to not leave unsatisfied. 

Reviews always left a bad taste in Black Book UK’s mouth, coming all the way back when the Captain69 had the ultimate monopoly on the model's reputation. We are actually wondering what would be an agency's motivation to leave one extremely negative review on their site rather than trying to settle a problem with a client. It can solely destroy a model's reputation and we worry that it could be a tactic to artificially price down the model's rates so that a particular girl would be booked more often at a lower price point. 

The Responsibility We Have To Our Models

When we see a bad review from another agency attached to a girl whom BlackBook UK decided to take on it is always from our moderately-priced range. Before we would consider putting a girl on our site, we always confirm and research that these reviews are not accurate. Take Cherry for instance, she speaks American English fluently and spends more time in the US than in South America. Her previous review in another unspecified agency stated that she does not speak English which is completely false. 

Antonella is another Black Book UK model whose reputation was unfairly tainted by a fabricated negative review. We can’t help to wonder why usually the busiest mass-marketed agencies do have one single negative review occurring on their model’s profiles. If someone is part of the Black Book UK’s family we already have done the thorough diligence to know that any negative review would not happen even if we would be publishing them.