August 30, 2023

“I am so sick and tired of the Photoshop.”

Honesty is the best policy. It is one of our core values and it is always on our minds everytime we think of accepting a model to become a part of the Black Book UK family. 

Although we strive to make memories that last a lifetime, we never bait and switch or sell impossible illusions for unreasonable prices. When you book one of our models you will know exactly who will await you at the door. Our models are 100% guaranteed to be the same girls that are in their photos. 

We do not just stop there. Black Book UK avoids any heavy Photoshop tactics. We know that some of our unique companions look better in person. One of the best examples is the gorgeous Sherry. She has glamorous luminous locks that need to be touched to be truly appreciated. They are fully natural and when your fingers go through you are gonna feel no hair extensions. 

As Kendrick Lamar famously sang on his hit single Humble — “I'm so f**** sick and tired of Photoshop, show me somethin' natural…” —  we really feel that. It became an oddly controversial statement at the time back in 2017 but we still could not agree more with his words today.

Authenticity Amidst A World Of Photoshop

In a world of heavy photoshopping and the rising emergence of AI, it is truly hard to tell the truth from fiction. We know that not all the pictures of our girls do them justice. Some are naturally photogenic whereas the camera just loves them. In others like Misty, her pure alluring essence does not fully come through the lens of the camera and needs to be experienced in real life. 

Even though we have an endless list of pageant queens and published models, some of our girls have not spent as much time with photographers and are not comfortable in front of the camera. But that does not mean their services are not valuable. Cherry’s photos might not portray all her young sweet pretty aura but we still are confident to put her on the Black Book UK website because she offers amazing service, has already received incredible feedback and frankly in the cost of living crisis she is very modestly priced. 

Eva also looks absolutely stunning and much younger in person than a first glance through her Black Book UK pictures would suggest. At 23, this cheerful petite package cleans up real nice and shines at any event. 

One of our other strict rules is that we would never remove tattoos from our models using Photoshop, unlike other agencies. We also always clearly state where they are located even if they are not visible on the pictures. We understand they are not for everybody. However, some clients really like a sexy sleeve and for example, sensual Brazilian Tiffany can offer exactly that while also always dressed to perfection. 

Not all girls are made of sugar spice and everything nice. Some are made of sarcasm wine and everything fine. And we understand at Black Book UK that is exactly what excites as well. We do not reduce our girls to mainstream appealing ideals but also highlight the wide range of diversity in our offer by keeping girls true to what keeps them unique. 

How We Ensure Authenticity

We also offer videos and unfiltered images and simple selfies because we know that you are searching for a connection with the real person and body and not blurred pixels. Before we even accept a Black Book UK model, we diligently do all the groundwork for you. Jenna and the office first approve every girl through personal meetings, video calls and fact-check everything on body enhancements, surgeries and passport age. We commit to making sure your date for an hour or a weekend-long holiday always surpasses your expectations. 

We're Here To Help You Find The Woman Of Your Dreams

Our office phone lines are always open to our clients 24/7. Jenna, Michael and other office staff are available for any additional information on our girls, individual detailed descriptions or any further questions you can have. 

Of course, hair and makeup can do wonders but we hire our girls based on their elegance, poise and ability to style themselves. Most of them pride themselves in fully showcasing their femininity, charm and style.  

Therefore it is important when looking for your ideal companion for an hour, wild weekend or girlfriend holiday experience to always check statistics, bios and all the information we provide about our girls on the website and not just the photos. We commit to always have up-to-date information and measurements of each model and we would never try to bend the truth by adding a couple inches.

Black Book UK is a worldwide respected agency and keeping long-term clientele that only uses our models is our company goal. Jenna and our office pride themselves on being one of the best, especially offline and being able to put up to 27 models just with a 24-hour notice on a yacht in Panama. 

Our database has over 3000 girls worldwide. The selection of models on our public website is only a portion of what we can truly offer. That way our office can always be sure that even if who you pick as your ideal choice would not be available at that moment we have a wide range of choices that would be a perfect replacement. 

Celebrating Beauty In Diversity

The beauty of our high class escort gallery is that because of how diverse it is, we're able to offer our clients a range of incredible body types. At Black Book UK you will find bootylicious curvy escorts of every skin and hair tone imaginable. From slim glam sophisticated companions to wild party girls growing up in every part of the world. 

We do not allow public reviews of our girls because we believe their company speaks for themselves and if we were not able to guarantee that we would not be offering our services. Read in our separate blog explaining why reviews go against our core ideals.

We aim to represent as many colourful diverse models as possible, compared to an agency that just sticks with a certain type. We truly believe that beauty is a subjective experience. Booking a high-end companion is like treating yourself to a fancy meal, sometimes you want Asian food, but other times you crave Mexican or Italian. Variety is the spice of life.